The Joe Cioffi Weather Network!

The Joe Cioffi Weather Network!

My television days are done and now it is time to make the “Joe Cioffi Weather Network” a priority and growing it. Television news has become a toxic environment. All of this is driven by upper managements who have absolutely no concern for the people who work for them. The product produced is designed to preach at you, shame you, and anger you. Weather has been a victim of this as end of the world headlines are issued for epic drizzle and snow flurries. I’ve had enough. Now it is time to at least have complete control of what you see weather wise. You know that I have always operated in a non hype non apocalyptic environment and that of course continues. I very much would like you to be part of it in any way you choose to. Here is what is going to be going on going forward.

Weather will be available on Facebook free to all via my three websites Meteorologist Joe Cioffi, as well as NYC Weather Now which Angry Ben operates, and for Long Islanders there is Weather Long Island. Links to weather summaries will appear on Facebook twice a day as weather conditions warrant. Weather in 5 will appear every day on Facebook as well. Winter weather & long range outlook will shift to my weather platform on Patreon.

Winter Weather Coverage as part of extensive coverage package will be on my subscription platform on Patreon. Here you can direct message me, you get extra member only videos, snow forecasts, and much more. Tiers start at $2 a month with higher tiers for those who need more one on one. If weather is important to your day to day decision making you can pick what works for you. The two dollars a month goes a long way to support the two free weather apps and keeps ads on the app to a minimum.

weather app amazon

You can also support my channel if you shop on Amazon. Use the Amazon link, use the search bar, and shop. That’s it. There is no extra cost to you whatsoever and it is the easiest way to support my channel and it doesn’t cost you one extra dime. Many of you have used this link and i thank you for your support.

I moved the Joe & Joe Weather Show to YouTube months ago. It will appear on Youtube on a weekly basis and during storm situations. You can subscribe for free with a gmail account and then you can participate in the chats and get notifications on when live streams begin. Also we have a new show on youtube on Sunday mornings called Coffee With Cioffi which live streams Sunday at 10am. Have your Sunday morning coffee and bagel and get updated on all the weather action in a relaxed easy going mode.

weather app


weather app

Download the Meteorologist Joe Cioffi Weather App on Google Play or on the App Store. It is free. You can choose to support it via Patreon or becoming a Facebook Supporter. This keeps ads on the app to a minimum. You can also watch all the live streams, Joe & Joe Show, The Joe Cioffi Weather Show, & the new Sunday morning show, Coffee With Cioffi.

Also download for free Angry Ben’s weather app the Angry Weatherman so you have extra coverage with Ben’s cigar smoking, whiskey drinking perspective. Ben also runs my NYCWEATHERNOW website.

Finally the Joe & Joe Weather Show will continue on Youtube once a week and Joe Rao & I will be announcing a regular schedule. Of course there will be additional Joe & Joe Weather Shows when weather conditions call for it.

This is only the beginning and it will be a lot of fun. I welcome your imput so feel free to comment or email me with any ideas or suggestions.




Please note that with regards to any severe weather,  tropical storms, or hurricanes, should a storm be threatening, please consult your local National Weather Service office or your local government officials about what action you should be taking to protect life and property.