noreaster moving offshore

Noreaster Moving Offshore

Noreaster Moving Offshore We can begin to see the development of low pressure in the Gulf states that will head

rain friday night saturday am

Friday Night Saturday AM Rain

Friday Night Saturday AM Rain  Friday night Saturday AM Rain is in the forecast. However the noreaster conditions that models were

hitting powerball

Hitting Powerball Might Be Easier Than Snow!

Hitting Powerball or Seeing Snow…Powerball is probably easier! It certainly feels that coming up with the winning numbers on powerball

chance for snow

Chance for Snow Sunday Night?

Chance for Snow Sunday Night? Given the kind of winter this is has been so far it would seem almost

snow amounts, snow for nyc

Snow Amounts Tuesday Evening: Coating to 1″ or So!

Snow Amounts Usually with clippers snow amounts tend to be light, especially clippers that go by to our north and

cheap thrill snow

Cheap Thrill Snow Tuesday Evening?

Cheap Thrill Snow Tuesday Evening? Write the time down between 5pm and 10pm Tuesday evening you can watch the flakes