Siberian Snow Cover Growth Underway!

Slight change of subject with all the attention that Hurricane Joaquin is getting. However October 1st is an important day

Coastal Flood Warnings New Jersey But Sky Conditions Should Improve Today

For the New Jersey shore we perhaps another 2 high tide cycles with Coastal Flood Warnings to work through before

Hurricane Joaquin Nearing Bermuda, Hurricane Warning In Effect

Hurricane Joaquin continues to move northeastward at a pretty good clip and after reaching almost a category 5 hurricane this

JOESTRADAMUS On the Short & Long Range: Changing to Colder Longer Term?

        JOESTRADAMUS is going to take on the short and long range now that the hurricane is

Borderline Category 5 Hurricane Joaquin Aiming for Bermuda

We noticed this morning that the eye was reforming on Hurricane Joaquin and the last recon reported flight level winds

Coastal Flood Warning NJ, View & Forecast From Smith Point NY

Coastal Flood Warning remains in effect for the New Jersey shore. For Long Island there is a Coastal Flood Advisory.