Joaquin Likely To Produce Noreaster Conditions From Southern New England Southward

Whatever the ultimate course of Hurricane Joaquin (assuming it becomes one later today) it appears that 2 things are certain

Tropical Storm Joaquin Nears Hurricane Strength, Hurricane Watch Central Bahamas

Tropical Storm Joaquin continues to become better organized as the center appears now to be under the area of main

FiOS1 News Weather Forecast Hudson Valley

FiOS1 News Weather Forecast Hudson Valley Meterologist Joe Cioffi  Rain into Wednesday before turning much cooler. Noreaster threat Tropical Storm Joaquin

Late Afternoon GFS Model Run Swings Westward

Given all the dynamics that we are dealing with the afternoon GFS Model run seems to have aired a degree

Tropical Storm Joaquin Strengthens As It Continues Moving Westward.

Air Force Recon found 991 mb pressure and flight level winds of 61 kts. That and the satellite loop this afternoon

Noreaster Conditions Begin Friday, Tropical Storm Joaquim Still A Huge Variable

Regardless of what Tropical Storm Joaquim does or doesn’t do, the set up of huge high pressure to the north