Hurricane Oho to NW Canada, Hurricane Joaquin to NW Europe British Isles!



Hurricane Joaquin and Hurricane Oho are on 2 opposite coasts. Yet both storms are headed to places that normally don’t get hit by hurricanes in truly tropical structures. Both systems will turn extratropical long before they arrive at their respective destinations. But it is rather odd that we are seeing these events happen together. Oho is passing east of Hawaii now with no consequence there. It is moving northeastward and it will accelerate over the next few days. All models take the system into Vancouver Province in Western Canada. This will be a non tropical storm but there should certainly be gales from this as it makes its way into the Canadian Northwest.


On the other side we have Joaquin which is about 800 miles east of us at the moment. This hurricane is also going to transition to an extratropical storm in a day or 2 as it accelerates east northeast. Most of the model guidance takes this storm toward the British Isles though some track it more southeast into Spain or somewhere in between!

sat joaquin


It is very odd to see this happening at the same time. The Atlantic side I’ve seen before a number of times but perhaps because I pay less attention to the Pacific side it seems unusual though rare to have a storm go northeast and then extratropical into Western Canada. What will be interesting to see is if either or both of these storms wind up altering the short term pattern somewhat. This is the first Atlantic hurricane to re-curve into the North Atlantic.

Elsewhere in the tropics there isn’t too much happening at the moment. There is a disturbance in the Atlantic east of the Leeward Islands. Conditions may become more conducive for development over the weekend though it looks to be another fish system.

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