Hot Humid Showers Thunderstorms Onshore Winds Cooler Weekend Overall Ida Heads For Gulf Coast

Hot Humid Showers Thunderstorms Onshore Winds Cooler Weekend Overall

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Hot Humid Showers Thunderstorms Onshore Winds Cooler Weekend Overall

We have one last area wide hot day before a cold front moves through tonight. The satellite shows not much in the way of cloud cover at least for now and we should have a good deal of sunshine. The launching pad for blast off was set when most lows could not get below the low to mid 70s so we are headed for another day of highs reaching into the 90s.


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Not much is showing up on radars at all but we do have some severe weather risk to contend with late today and tonight. We saw some widely scattered cells develop late yesterday. Today they will be a bit more numerous and mostly inland.

Given the daytime heating, high humidity, a growing unstable atmosphere, and the approaching cold front, the Storm Prediction Center is going for a marginal risk for severe weather away from coastal areas. Thet eastern flank likes along the New Jersey Pennsylvania state line and to the west into Central Pennslvania and south into Maryland.

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During tonight and into Saturday as the back door front sinks southward, there will be some scattered thunderstorms around the area into the morning hours and as the front shifts southward, weather conditions should improve to the north of the front and stay very warm to hot and humid to the south. Forecast highs for Saturday and Sunday are a bit lower than what we saw yesterday.

As for sky conditions this weekend I am generically calling it cloudy to partly sunny with the risk for showers or a thunderstorm near the frontal boundary. That boundary will lie across Southern New Jersey and near Southern Pennsylvania Saturday and sink a little further south by a handful of miles for Sunday. Conditions are going to vary from place to place and from time to time. North and east of NYC temperatures will probably not get out of the 70s and some places may not get above low 70s if clouds become a bigger issue. South of the boundary say from Philadelphia south and southwest highs will be mostly in the 80s.

Next week will be a very interesting week. Another cold front approaches and moves through late Monday with some showers and thunderstorms so Monday dayside will be a return to very warm to hot and humid conditions. The front stalls and then we watch the remnant low of Ida become a post tropical frontal wave and produce a soaking rain Wednesday into Thursday if the global weather models have their say. More importantly though is that unlike with Henri where we stayed in a tropical air mass behind the system, this time around we are going to see a rather robust air mass from Canada build in behind it as the jet stream from Canada strengthens. So the pay off from the price of another soaking rain will be a few days of very dry and cool air to take us into the Labor Day holiday weekend.

Tropical Storm Ida meanwhile has gotten a little stronger overnight and is going to strengthen tonight and then possibly strengthen rapidly Saturday into Sunday, becoming a major hurricane. The National Hurricane Center forecast is for a landfall somewhere on the Louisiana coast as a major hurricane. Ida has a combination of ideal strengthening conditions and it will be travelling over a very warm eddy of 86 degrees or higher water temperatures on the projected forecast track. Nothing has changed this prospect from overnight. Landfall will be Sunday afternoon or evening. Flooding rains will spread inland and northward. A recon is on the way to investigate the system this morning and again later today.





Please note that with regards to any severe weather,  tropical storms, or hurricanes, should a storm be threatening, please consult your local National Weather Service office or your local government officials about what action you should be taking to protect life and property.