Holiday Weekend Weather Underway

This post brought to you by Rout. The content and opinions expressed below are that of meteorologist joe cioffi.

This post brought to you by

The content and opinions expressed below are that of meteorologist joe cioffi.

Holiday Weekend Weather Underway

The Memorial Day Holiday Weekend is underway and usually this is the weekend that has the biggest issues regarding the weather. This Memorial Day Holiday Weekend has the rare added feature of having a possible tropical depression or even a tropical storm in the mix for the Southeast US coast. I don’t think it is going to be an issue for our weather here through Monday.

Holiday Weekend Weather Underway GFS SUNDAY MORNING

gfs36 Holiday Weekend Weather Underway

The overnight GFS model continues the trend of the past runs of the last several days bringing that tropical system to the southeast coast of the US. There is really no mechanism at high levels of the atmosphere to bring it up the coast. It is more likely to just meander there. This leaves us pretty much where we are right now. The pattern has a summer feel to it. We have seen highs reach 90 degrees in some areas during the last couple of days. Inland areas are likely to see that again today and Saturday but that will depend on how much cloud cover develops. Overall we can say that the next three days will be pretty good weather wise. Yes there could be some showers and thunderstorms running around in some places during the late afternoon and evening through Sunday. Most of you won’t see one but keep an eye out in the late afternoon in case the sky gets threatening.

Holiday Weekend Weather Underway GFS MONDAY AFTERNOON

gfs90 Holiday Weekend Weather Underway

Monday Memorial Day might see the best chance for widespread activity as the GFS model does bring a cold front through the area during the middle of the day with the chance for showers and thunderstorms ahead of it. We will see how this plays out as the weekend wears on. So enjoy the first summer holiday weekend. We have 2 more to look forward to. And of course we will keep you posted on the latest with the possible tropical depression or tropical storm if one should form.




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