It is pretty much an easy forecast for the next 4 or 5 days in terms of specifics. We will have hazy sunshine very warm to hot conditions every day with highs in the upper 80s to lower 90s thanks to high pressure aloft in the east and a deep trough in the west. The jet stream is way to the north and locked in. The only chance for relief will come late this week with a back door cold front from New England that might push far enough south to cool things off just a little bit. This looks like an old fashioned 5 day plus heatwave for most of the area.


Your high temperature maps for the next 3 days are pretty simple. 90 plus or minus a couple each way. No rain is the forecast at all other than any isolated downpours that develop during the evening from the daytime heating. We had a few scattered around late yesterday and last night which actually surprised me a bit. They didn’t produce much rain and most of the area didn’t see any. Hardly worth the trouble.

Longer term weather patterns are showing this breaking around the middle of next week (September 9th 10th) with what could be a nice shot of cool air from Canada to put the feel of fall in the air. Joestradamus talked about this yesterday and it is worth a read.