Yesterday for many areas (but not all) the temperature hit 90 degrees for the third day in a row which constitutes a heatwave though cheap in my view since I always like the old 5 day heatwave rule. Coastal areas are from New York City eastward are benefiting from a south to southwest wind off the ocean which is keeping things a little cooler as far as highs go. The beach conditions are ideal however with temps near 80 and water temps in the mid to upper 70s. We have today and Thursday to get through before this heatwave breaks and it will do so for Friday and Saturday.gfs60The high pressure area really builds in nicely and it will eventually move southward which means that instead of getting into a situation with low clouds for days, we will have the opposite with the high eventually moving to our south and the warmup starts again over the weekend. Sunday and Monday will be back in the upper 80s to near 90. The Labor Day holiday weekend really looks good as so many weekends this summer have been very good weather wise. You have one more to enjoy.

As far as thunderstorms are concerned it is possible that there could be a few scattered around tomorrow but as has been the case for the vast majority, you will probably miss out. No important rain is see through at least the middle part of next week. Now models while inconclusive are beginning to take hold of the idea that there could be a pretty important pattern change after September 10th which would favor us at least getting back to near normal or perhaps even cooler than normal. We touched on this yesterday on our Joestradamus piece and mentioned it late last week that this was possible. What I’m looking for is something that indicates that the chance will come with some opportunities for some decent rainfall. That part of the equation remains to be seen. I will update this with a long range piece later today.