heating & cooling

Heating Cooling At The North Pole

Heating Cooling At The North Pole

We all know that the atmosphere and the earth are a giant heating cooling machine. Heating and cooling and the displacement of that heat and cold drive the jet stream patterns across the atmosphere. Heating and cooling also drive the oceans and we have El Ninos and La Ninas in the Pacific which disrupt average or normal weather patterns ar any given time. Much attention has been given today on the heating that is going on at the North Pole. We have been discussing how that heating in the northern latitudes will eventually displace cold air southward. News stories have appeared today about that warming that is occurring at the North Pole. Those of you who have read my JOESTRADAMUS posts over the last few weeks know that this isn’t news.

heating & cooling

The extreme nature of the El Nino and the El Nino pattern has triggered an extreme counter reaction in the atmosphere. Heating & cooling has to balance out and we have the abnormal heating of one creating the heating of the other. This is the atmospheres way of creating balance no matter how strange it looks. The El Nino essentially sows the seeds of its own destruction. When it reaches a point where the atmosphere can no longer handle it, the reaction is violent. Tornadoes in December, 70 degree temperatures in the northeast for Christmas, record snows in the west and southwestern U.S. etc etc.

The question now is whether this displacement is enough to begin a process of normalization. So far it appears to be the case. The warming at the North Pole has begun to rip the polar vortex apart and displacing cold air southward.european model gfs model european ensembles refrigerator repair heatni & cooling


The result is the Polar Vortex reforming further south. It has also shifted the subtropical jet in the Pacific further south. This is a long grinding process that we are seeing. Where we wind up pattern wise no one knows. But we do know that these are atmospheric events that are necessary to keep the worlds global atmosphere working the way it is supposed to. It moves warm air to where it is cold and cold air where it is warm. Nothing here is new. We just continue down the road and observe. It makes for interesting weather times ahead. This is what pattern change is all about.









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