Heating & Cooling Again Post Turkey

Heating & Cooling Again Post Turkey

The next cold front will be post Turkey day when you are heating & cooling one leftover or another. The weather through Thanksgiving is relatively easy with cold nights tonight. Temperatures will drop into the 20s just about everywhere and the warmer urban areas should see lows close to 32 by Tuesday morning and Tuesday night. Tuesday looks sunny and cold with highs in the mid to upper 40s.

tuesday heating & cooling

Wednesday we warm up into the 50s with sunshine and Thursday Thanksgiving look for some sunshine and some clouds with highs in the upper 50s to around 60 in a few places. The only issue is whether a few clouds develop with a bit of an onshore flow. That is the extent of any issue.

The next cold front begins to approach on Friday and there is some disagreement in terms of timing on the models. The GFS is the fastest with the front going through Friday night with some moisture behind it. Temperatures Friday will reach into the 60s with any sunshine fading behind arriving clouds. The European with the same cold front is about 12 hours slower and doesn’t bring the front through here until Saturday. Either way it doesn’t appear to be a big weather maker though the GFS has gone from showing precip, to not showing it, and now showing it again.

gfs108 heating & coolingThe GFS and the European show a change over to snow showers in the cold air. Frankly I’m not overly impressed with this to be anything other than a cheap thrill well inland, if it happens at all. Colder dry air comes in behind the front, but we have to figure out the timing in all this with the much slower European. Either way it doesn’t get into the way of shopping or getting your Christmas tree.

gfs114 heating & cooling gfs120 heating & cooling

No changes in the longer term outlook. Afternoon models still have the same issue regarding what happens next week. 2 jet streams in a split flow; which one dominates? The long range post this morning covered this and JOESTRADAMUS will update later this evening.