The weekend looks very good with lots of sunshine and no rain. Simple forecast. The dry air mass of the last few days is gradually giving way to warmer and more humid air but only gradually. High pressure aloft is going to be in control of the weather here at least through Wednesday and the earliest we will see even a slight change might come Thursday with a back door cold front but even that is not certain at this point.

Temperatures will be in the low to middle 80s today and in the middle to upper 80s (some spots near 90) on Sunday. The humidity will high beginning Monday of next week and we will see temperatures into the 90s at least into midweek.

gfs60gfs84As far as any showers are concerned there will be none through Sunday and they should be few and far between Monday through Wednesday if at all. Late season heat waves are not unusual but what is unusual is that this one may persist for awhile until the overall upper air pattern breaks down. That may not happen until sometime in mid September!