I could simply stop at the great weather headline. I put a question mark at the end of it instead of an exclamation point I just couldn’t bring myself to committing for 16 days. 7 I can do, maybe 10 in a broad way but not 16. Too many things can change in the long range. But I have to tell you that I came pretty close to pulling the trigger! The weather pattern is about as benign as it can get with high pressure in the east both at the surface and now building in aloft. We should point out that it is not unusual to see this in mid September through mid October as this is usually the driest time of the year normally as you are away from thunderstorm season and really the only other way you get anything is either with a stalled front and perhaps some tropical system. We know the tropical system is out because there aren’t any and not like to be any right now. As to the stalled front idea, the next one to pass through will be late Saturday night and it probably won’t even be able to produce a shower. Then it is another cool dry air mass that comes in for Sunday into Tuesday of next week.

tuesday tuesdaynight wednesday

With regards to the short range we have sunshine today and highs should be back into the 80s. Humidity will still be low tonight and Wednesday with clear skies tonight. Lows in the 60s coast and urban areas and 50s inland. Highs Wednesday in the low to mid 80s. Then it is mid to upper 80s Thursday through Saturday with a little higher humidity each day and sunshine. Nights will be in the 60s to around 70 or so in urban areas. Maybe a brief shower (doubtful ) Saturday night. Then sunshine Sunday through Tuesday with highs in the 70s.

Enjoy the great weather as long as it last. At some point we will see a pattern flip and I will let you know when that is!

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