Frost Advisory for Orange County NY & Sussex County NJ

We have a frost advisory tonight for Orange County NY and Sussex County NJ. With clear skies and light to dead calm winds tonight temperatures in many of the normal cold spots will drop into the 30s. They should stay above 32 but it might get low enough in a few places that frost might occur. It may wind up being a near miss but perhaps frost sensitive plants should start coming inside as a precautionary note. You will probably be taking them in a week from now anyway so you will get a head start. After sunrise with another day of sunshine and the core of the cold air moving out, temperatures will take off to the mid 60s to around 70. Monday should be a warm day with sunshine with highs 70 to 75 capping off a spectacular holiday weekend.


Those of you thinking fall foliage might have to get into the car but you won’t have to go too far into the Hudson Valley. Peak colors are in upstate NY but within a 2 hour or so drive from New York City if that is your starting point. Next week is likely to be the real peak weekend for many areas as the change in color accelerates. The coast especially central and eastern Long Island might have another few weeks to peak since the ocean which slows the spring blooming now has the opposite effect and it delays the change of colors. Still there are a number of close by options. Snap pictures and post them on my facebook page Meteorologist Joe Cioffi and I will share them with all! The weather looks bright sunny and milder through much of upstate NY both tomorrow and on Monday though there could be some clouds in the mix the further north you go on Monday.

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