Freezer Opens European Model Blocking Signal

Freezer Opens European Model Blocking Signal

Before we discuss the freezer now beginning to operate in the longer term, we want to let you know that we will be addressing the shorter range weekend issues regarding precipitation on a separate JOESTRADAMUS post later this evening when all the afternoon models are done. In the meantime this is my video from this morning concerning this.

Freezer that is the Arctic region is opening up on all the longer range models today and the European is probably flashing the strongest signal of all the models today. Looking out to the long range it appears we will be seeing lots of cold air masses lining up to come into the Eastern United States. Take a look at the upper air out at day 10 on the European.

The blocking signature on this map is very strong and all the other models get to this point. Now what is interesting to me is that we have an increasingly active subtropical jet stream sending weather systems into the southwest. I really believe it is just a matter of time before one of these comes across as a bit of a power house. The issue is timing with the active and strengthening northern jet and how it ultimately interacts with the southern stream. This is of course for speculation but while the block holds, the polar vortex will be in a position to deliver and potentially cause trouble in the longer term. Now lets look at the European one day before this at day 9.


There is a very deep trough that develops in the east. The question is whether there is anything running around in the southern stream that could get involved with this, or perhaps the trough is deep enough to cause issues on its own with some possible development. Again this is all highly speculative on my part. A few days ago the GFS keyed on something and created a weather system for the middle of next week. It has since backed a way from that idea to a large degree. Still I want to keep an eye on this as we move forward. Beyond day 10 the GFS remains cold through the 2 week period as the new weather pattern seems to be locking in as we head toward the middle part of January and beyond.

freezer blocking

Again with regards to the weekend, I will address this with a separate post during this evening.









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