Flood Potential Still There With Possible Overnight Severe Thunderstorms


Severe thunderstorms with heavy rain gusty winds and local flood issues are still possible as two bands of rain are being watched. The first band is concentrated in Eastern Pennsylvania that is moving north northeast but the southern end of that band has grown in the last few hours so this will produce rain across New Jersey and New York sometime between 10pm and 1am. The second band of showers and possible thunderstorms in Western Pennsylvania is with the sweeping cold front and that will come in sometime after 2am from west to east. It is from that band that some of those thunderstorms could become strong and produce very heavy downpours. So far the rains have totaled anywhere from .75 inch to an inch and a half with some locally higher amounts. We should be able to double those amounts across the area when this is all said and done. As of the time of this post there are no severe thunderstorm watches posted and I don’t expect there will be. However it is certainly possible that one or two of the cells in that developing band could become strong or even severe and that could require warnings IF that happens.

northeast_loop.gif (600×571)

With regards to coastal flooding, advisories are posted for the New Jersey shore and for the shores of Western Long Island however with winds gradually going around to the south and southwest I don’t forsee any serious flooding issues from this. This should be the last high tide cycle to worry about with regards to this issue.

There are no changes in the forecast for Thursday. We should see developing sunshine Thursday and with the leftover warm air highs will be in the lower 70s on average. Then it is cool and clear Thursday night and sunshine on Friday. Temperatures Friday will not be out of the 50s for highs. Saturday looks good with sunshine and some high clouds with highs in the 50s.