First Pacific Tropical Storm Possible

First Pacific Tropical Storm Possible

First Pacific Tropical Storm Possible

First Pacific Tropical Storm Possible This Weekend

First Pacific Tropical Storm Possible

The Atlantic Tropical Storm Season is off with a bang as we have already moved through 3 named storms since late May (excluding Hurricane Alex back in January). However the Pacific side which had a banner year in 2015, has been remarkably silent. This is usually the case that when the Atlantic side is fired up, the Pacific side seems to be more relaxed. The season in the Eastern Pacific begins 2 weeks before the Atlantic season. However the silence is about to be broken as we are beginning to see a disturbance off the Coast of Mexico taking shape.

First Pacific Tropical Storm Possible

Satellite Picture from 8am Thursday June 30th

pacificsat First Pacific Tropical Storm Possible

The tropical convergence zone in the Pacific is beginning to get active with clouds stretching from the coast of Mexico westward to almost 140 degrees west. It is on the eastern edge of this that a disturbance is going to organize over thew weekend. Weather models have been suggesting that this could become a hurricane in the Pacific early next week as it moves west northwestward or northwestward off shore. Typically these things run their course and don’t usually threaten Mexico this time of year. The National Hurricane Center rates this a 70 percent chance of developing into a tropical storm.

Gulf of Mexico Caribbean Western Atlantic Satellite Loop

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On the Atlantic side things are quiet across much of the Tropical Atlantic westward to the Caribbean  Sea and Gulf of Mexico. No tropical cyclone development is indicated over the next 5 days. Usually the period from late June to mid July is a quiet time on the Atlantic side. 

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