With this deep trough coming through over the weekend you might think that things will at least revert back to normal for awhile. Well under the clouds and rain today and this weekend yes. Monday probably will be seasonal and reasonable. But guess what folks. The pattern reverts right back to what it was. Now whether it means another round of 90 degree plus temperatures remains to be seen because that will depend on day to day cloud cover, wind direction, and so on. It certainly does mean the trend of well above normal temperatures continues and it also probably means a few extra beach and pool days along the way.

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As deep as the trough in the east is this weekend it lifts out so quickly and weakens that the ridge just flies right back up in a matter of 2 days. By Wednesday of next week we are back in full ridge position here in the east as a deep trough develops along and off the west coast and a deep low is out in the Atlantic east of New Foundland along and just west of 50W. One of the problems with the longer term models has been how it has handled recurving tropical systems in the Pacific that have not exactly done as predicted. This has made for model volatility. I suspect there may be more volatility ahead given whatever tropical systems decide to do.

euro168 euro192 euro216 euro240The European holds us pretty much in a ridge position all the way through next weekend.In the meantime the European does seem to want to bring some sort of tropical system from the Pacific side of Central America and into the Southwestern Gulf of Mexico and eventually winding it up along the South Texas Coast for the middle part of next week. There is some support for this idea given that the looks like on the satellite loop that moisture seems to be moving northward from the Tropical Pacific south of Central America. I will be addressing this possibility later today on the tropical weather page.