Meteorologist Joe Cioffi Weather updates is a complete weather website. You will find weather updates, weather news, weather radar, my weather app, snow forecasts, severe weather, hurricanes and other tropical weather, current conditions, long range with Joestradamus and his 10 day forecast outlook and videos from my weather broadcasts on WPIX-TV and FiOS1 News.

Take a look around. Weather radars from various locations are real time and link to the National Weather Service. On each of the local pages you will find scrolling rss feeds in real time with all National Weather Service advisories, watches, and warnings. During the winter months there are 2 snowstorm pages to keep handy. The first is the snowforecasts page which has the latest National Weather Service updated snowfall forecast maps which update in real time. The second is my joesnowforecasts page which has my forecast maps and discussion on what to expect. For short range weather outlooks I have 3 pages. Joesforecast which takes the short term view including week ahead and weekend outlooks. 2 other pages tackle the models and what they have to tell us. The GFS and the popular European model which has a strong performance record overall especially when it comes to east coast winter storms. Current

Many of you are interested in the long range 10 weather forecast outlook and my JOESTRADAMUS page previews the weather down the road and the overall weather pattern. For mariners and fisherman and women, my marine forecast page has tides and tide heights, winds and the latest advisories and warnings from the National Weather Service on real time scrolling RSS feeds.

Finally there is my weather app for IPhones which put me right on your phone with the latest forecasts for New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Eastern Pennsylvania, Hudson Valley, and Long Island. This way you can carry me around everywhere. My weather is also available on facebook and on twitter.

Feel free to explore and you can always contact me with any questions or comments on anything you wish. Your opinions are greatly appreciated and will help me to improve the website so it suits your needs.