Coastal Flooding Long Island Tonight

Coastal Flooding Long Island Tonight

Coastal Flooding Long Island Tonight


There has been a pretty steady northeast wind over the area today and this has prompted the National Weather Service to advise on the possibility of MINOR coastal flooding at high tides this evening for Long Island. Tides are forecast to run about 2 feet above normal on the ocean side and about 1 1/2 feet above normal on the Long Island Sound side. During Wednesday with a deep storm to the west winds will be going around to the south and should increase to gale forecast as the day wears on into Wednesday night. This will produce higher than normal tides again into Wednesday night for the Long Island South shore. For New Jersey the south wind is not problematic as it runs parallel to the coast and not perpendicular.

The satellite loop shows three distinct systems with the one along the coast now, the stronger one in the Western Gulf States and the third one in the Great Lakes. That Great Lakes system will energy the low in the Western Gulf states into a major storm that will move into the Ohio Valley and then into Western New York Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

Coastal Flooding Long Island Tonight Satellite Loop

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Radar with the first system does not look very impressive with the first area moving along coastal areas with precipitation mostly on the light side. Some areas are seeing some snow mixing in but without intensity, the colder air aloft can’t translate to the surface. There is other rain developing over Central New Jersey but for now it does not appear to be impressive either.

Coastal Flooding Long Island Tonight Radar Loop

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Coastal Flooding Long Island Tonight Local Radar Loops
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Once this first round of rain is done, we may get a break for awhile before the the next rounds of rain move in on Wednesday. Temperatures are going to be a bit difficult to guage. While the cold marine layer is holding temperatures are likely to hold in the 30s to near 40 overnight and then rise through the 40s and into the 50s during the day Wednesday. The very warm air will arrive Wednesday evening and we could see temperatures head to 60 before midnight in many areas.

Coastal Flooding Long Island Tonight Rainfall Forecast

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Rainfall amounts will be in the 1 to 2 inch rain everywhere with a large area of 2 plus inches possible along the coast and into Southern New England. This is total rain from the 2 day event but the bulk of this is going to be during Wednesday and Wednesday night. Once the storm moves to the north of us weather conditions will improve Thursday with clouds and some sun developing. Temperatures will start the day warm with leftover 50s early and fall into the 30s by Thursday evening.

Beyond Thursday no big storms are on the horizon. Models longer term have changed over the last 2 days going to a warmer look. Cold air looks to be bottled up in Canada until Tuesday of next week. After a cold Friday, temperatures will begin to rise over the weekend and into Monday on next week. The last weekend of February looks to go out dry and storm free.

FiOS1 News Weather Forecast For Long Island

FiOS1 News Weather Forecast For New Jersey

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