Coastal Flood Warning NJ, View & Forecast From Smith Point NY

Coastal Flood Warning remains in effect for the New Jersey shore. For Long Island there is a Coastal Flood Advisory. Tides will run 2 to 3 feet above normal. The noreaster conditions across Long Island and New Jersey continue this afternoon. The northeast winds are blowing 20 to 35 knots with some higher gusts when I was down at Smith Point Beach, NY with the winds blowing parallel to the beach. The tide was high around noon so this was shot about an hour and a half after the peak tide. The water made it up to the stairs at its peak and most of the beach was covered by the ocean.

Waves were running easily at about 7 to 10 feet. Surfers were attempting to surf but there were only a few out there.




From New Jersey we have this view from the Ocean City beach view as high tide was close to peak followed by a shot from the fisthing pier thanks to New Jersey shore live cams. Water was pretty far up the beach as high tide approached this afternoon.


Further north we have a shot of Belmar in Monmouth County New Jersey where dunes are holding the water back. The ocean has reached to the dunes here but not beyond


Back to Long Island Nassau County Point Lookout by the fishing pier and looking northwest toward oceanside. Considering no full moon the water got very high here. At the fishing pier it fell 6 inches short of causing a problem. Thanks to Ben Reiver!





Next high tides will come around midnight or so. You can check your local tide and tide heights on the marine forecast page.

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