We have the rather strong onshore flow that is producing clouds today and it should be mostly cloudy however no rain is forecast as there isn’t anything in the upper atmosphere that will set off showers. Once we get through the evening hours, the onshore flow beings to relax a bit and skies will clear out setting us up for nice weather into the end of the week. Temperatures today will be held back by cloud cover as highs reach in the low 70s on average but not much higher. With sunshine the next 2 days Wednesday and Thursday we should see highs in the middle to upper 70s.

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Beyond Thursday it gets a little tricky. Another big high builds in to our north and we will have persistent low pressure to our south off the Carolina’s that will be begin a slow northward movement. The GFS gets this low only so far north much like the one to our south today before it just meanders it around for days and the rain never gets here. We just sit in clouds for days. The European wants to lift low pressure up the coast which would bring rain on Sunday into Sunday night along with some rather gusty northeast winds along the coast.


The trend is your friend. I mentioned yesterday that which every model shows rain winds up being wrong and I will continue to think along those lines. Then we have this far-fetched adventure from the Canadian which has predicted 10 out of the 0 hurricanes this season!!

gem120 gem144 gem168Really? There actually is some support for the one that it forms in the Gulf of Mexico as all the models seem to have something developing there. But it loves to make hurricanes and this solution it produces along our coast with a westward moving low which then turns north north east and clips Southern New England is completely out there in make believe land. For what ever reason this model loves to develop hurricanes!

So discounting that idea, lets just continue to move forward. Today is the 9th day in a row of now rain…shooting for 16 in a row based on my original prediction of last week.

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