Beautiful Friday Afternoon

Beautiful Friday Afternoon

Beautiful Friday Afternoon

Great Weekend Ahead

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Most of the area is enjoying a beautiful day of sunshine however there is one notable exception and that is parts of South Jersey. There have been some showers and thunderstorms concentrated in Salem Cumberland Atlantic and Cape May counties. There has been some localized flooding in some of those storms. Low pressure is developing offshore and the old front from yesterday is still having some influence there. However weather conditions here will improve as well this evening and tonight as these showers move out to the east .Temperatures this afternoon are in the 80s though it is a little cooler on Long Island and along the New Jersey coast. Inland in Connecticut, Hudson Valley and Eastern Pennsylvania it is nice and sunny.

Beautiful Friday Afternoon Regional Radar

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Beautiful Friday Afternoon Local Radar Loops

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Beautiful Friday Afternoon Great Weekend Ahead

Skies tonight will be mostly clear with lows in the mid 50s cool spots to mid 60s inland. Saturday looks great with sunshine. There might be some patchy dense fog along the coast at the very start of the day but it will burn off fast. Highs inland will be in the 80s…70s at the beaches. Sunday will be wash rinse repeat with sunshine and highs in the 80s. Monday also we will see sunshine most of the day with highs in the 80s. 

gfs108 Beautiful Friday Afternoon

The next cold front arrives Monday night and lingers on Tuesday so we will have the chance for showers and thunderstorms but it doesn’t appear to be an all day affair. Once that front passes Wednesday and Thursday next week look good with sunshine and seasonal temperatures.

FiOS1 News Weather Forecast For Long Island

FiOS1 News Weather Forecast For New Jersey

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