JOESTRADAMUS On the Short & Long Range: Changing to Colder Longer Term?

        JOESTRADAMUS is going to take on the short and long range now that the hurricane is

Borderline Category 5 Hurricane Joaquin Aiming for Bermuda

We noticed this morning that the eye was reforming on Hurricane Joaquin and the last recon reported flight level winds

Coastal Flood Warning NJ, View & Forecast From Smith Point NY

Coastal Flood Warning remains in effect for the New Jersey shore. For Long Island there is a Coastal Flood Advisory.

Hurricane Joaquin Strengthens to Category 4 Again As It Heads Toward Bermuda

Hurricane Joaquin continues has begun to strengthen again as the eye is become very well defined and pressures are dropping

Hurricane Joaquin Heading Northeast Toward Bermuda

Hurricane Joaquin continues to move away from the Bahamas and an eye is forming again so we may be seeing

Coastal Flooding Continues New Jersey & Long Island

The gales and coastal flooding continue with the noreaster conditions that began late Thursday continue unabated today with strong northeast