JOESTRADAMUS Long Range Still Looks Cooler Second Half of October

To be honest JOESTRADAMUS thinks the long range pattern remains in some sort of transition and it looks like it

JOESTRADAMUS Siberian Snow Cover Forecast to Grow Rapidly Next 10 days.

Siberian snow cover growth is underway and this has become the new heavily watched indicator and one that JOESTRADAMUS watches

Long Island Weather Forecast!

FiOS1 News Meteorologist Brian Fitzgerald has your Long Island Weather Forecast which takes you through the holiday weekend. Other than

Columbus Day Holiday Weekend Forecast: Dry With Sunshine!

The Columbus Day holiday weekend is upon us and with it comes some variable but very good autumn weather with

Weather Forecast for New Jersey Holiday Weekend Forecast

Weather Forecast for New Jersey, Holiday Weekend Forecast from meteorologist Joe Cioffi. Sunshine Thursday, some showers on Friday and the

Hudson Valley Weather Forecast For Columbus Day Holiday Weekend

Hudson Valley weather forecast. FiOS1 News Meteorologist Joe Cioffi. Dry and clear tonight, Nice and no worse than partly sunny