Accu Weather App Challenge

Accu Weather App Challenge

Accu Weather App Challenge


The weather app world has been thrown into a bit of a whirlwind with Accu Weather’s new updated weather app. Forecasters everywhere know what the struggle is for the the two day forecast period. The 7 day forecast period is tough. The 2 week period is impossible. However now on their weather app forecasts are out for 90 (NINETY) days! So you can now plan you entire 4th of July weekend right now!! Because after all the forecast is going to be correct 90 days out!

Accu Weather App Challenge

Accuweather-Hero-2 Accu Weather App Challenge

Now in all seriousness, I have never quite understood why someone needed to know months in advance the weather on a certain day at a given hour. Not a day goes by where I don’t get at least one question about a forecast why out in advance. Why put a 90 day forecast out? Well the argument is, the information is there so why not make it public. Indeed there is a model that goes out day by day even beyond 90 days. But honestly would you really make a decision based on a 90 day forecast for a specific day? All of you see the struggle I go through just in the short range especially in the winter time.  Is it fun to look at? Perhaps. But if I made a decision based on a 90 day forecast and it wound being wrong, I don’t think I would be terribly happy.

There has been lots of criticism around the internet about this. I am not going to add to it. I would just say if you have it, try it out. Pick a few random days and see what happens. And check the same dates over time and see if the forecast changes. If something like this has value, it should read the same or almost the same whether I check it on day 90 today or on day 80 10 days from now..and so on. Otherwise what is the point? Weather forecast skill decreases rapidly beyond days 5 & 6. How is it that suddenly there is a model good enough to take us out three months? Well we know there isn’t. This is the problem with weather apps since they are (almost) all model driven and automated and not human driven.

In sum, the market place will decide whether this 90 day weather forecast app has any practical value. I’m sure I will be hearing the questions from friends regarding a long range forecast on a 90 day weather app. “What do you think Joe, my app says the weather on June 5th says thunderstorms?” Well if you have to ask me..then what is the point of the app?

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Don’t be without Meteorologist Joe Cioffi’s weather app. It is really a meteorologist app because you get my forecasts and my analysis and not some automated computer generated forecast based on the GFS model. This is why your app forecast changes every 6 hours. It is model driven with no human input at all. It gives you an icon, a temperature and no insight whatsoever.

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