Hurricane Oho to NW Canada, Hurricane Joaquin to NW Europe British Isles!

    Hurricane Joaquin and Hurricane Oho are on 2 opposite coasts. Yet both storms are headed to places that


With the noreaster conditions slowly but surely relaxing, we have a relatively quiet week ahead of us. There is still

Coastal Flood Warnings New Jersey But Sky Conditions Should Improve Today

For the New Jersey shore we perhaps another 2 high tide cycles with Coastal Flood Warnings to work through before

Hurricane Joaquin Nearing Bermuda, Hurricane Warning In Effect

Hurricane Joaquin continues to move northeastward at a pretty good clip and after reaching almost a category 5 hurricane this

Borderline Category 5 Hurricane Joaquin Aiming for Bermuda

We noticed this morning that the eye was reforming on Hurricane Joaquin and the last recon reported flight level winds

Hurricane Joaquin Strengthens to Category 4 Again As It Heads Toward Bermuda

Hurricane Joaquin continues has begun to strengthen again as the eye is become very well defined and pressures are dropping

Hurricane Joaquin Heading Northeast Toward Bermuda

Hurricane Joaquin continues to move away from the Bahamas and an eye is forming again so we may be seeing

Severe Coastal Flooding in South Jersey

Wildwood Beach is completely under water after the high tide tonight. Severe coastal flooding is occurring through much of coastal

Joaquin Out To Sea, But Noreaster Conditions Continue Through Saturday

We are continuing to experience noreaster conditions here for tonight and Saturday. THIS IS NOT PART OF THE HURRICANE BUT

Joaquin Turns Toward the North, Winds 130 mph Category 4 Hurricane

Hurricane Joaquin looks to moving more toward the north northwest now along 75 west judging by the last few pics